Thread lace curtains

Thread Lace/Punch Lace
Studio/Singer 360

My curtain panels were made using 6/2 Cotton from Stephanies Yarns and serger thread. I would not use cotton again. A better choice would be a yarn that does not change so much with washing & hanging. Mine are OK because I have rods at top & bottom so when they start to sag I wash and rehang.

I used a  modified punchcard No 2.     (the diamond shapes I blocked out on the punchcard through the middle of the card made the nice soft pleats)CharmKnits © 2002

Please look down the page for Bren's adaptation on her Brother 970
Bren's Curtains   

Thread Lace Curtains
(modified from Charlene Tate's Pattern ©)
by Brenda Staurowsky

Each panel size- 24"X 41", (approx)
Materials: 1# plus a tad more for 41" length
Coats &Clarks Lustersheen white 2 cones +( 1 8oz. cone =690yds)
1 cone serger thread white               
Gauge: 7sts/10.5 rows (approx) - - Tension:#8
Machine: 970 Standard *Note- I programmed pattern in DAK so as to have plain knit sts on each edge.

Edges and bottom hem will be "pressed" at finishing. I tried a zillion bottom hems, but decided on this one because it "made it's own points."
E-wrap cast on EON, 168 sts. Hang comb, pull all ndls to work and knit to left programing pattern. Knit to RC24 (back side of hem) and change row counter back to RC00. Knit to RC24 again and hang a hem on EON. Continue to knit to RC398.
Knit 2 plain rows.
Pull EON to "E" position and set carr. to slip to left. (Lt PB in). This is your marker row. Knit 29 more rows for top hem. COR. Hang "loops" from marker row on EON and then latch tool BO.